Majesty 1 and 2

- Worship Compilation from the Dales Bible Weeks, 1978-1981

The 'Majesty' compilation was a double album of worship songs collected from the tapes 'Songs of Celebration' (Dales 1978), 'Songs of Triumph' (Dales 1979), 'Songs of Victory' (Dales 1980) and 'Awake, O Zion!' (Dales 1981).

It's an excellent album to listen to if you want the songs to be in a different order than the order you're used to. Although, in these days of mp3 and CD players with 'shuffle' functions, this isn't really important any more, still this is how things used to be done!

These albums were released as a double cassette tape and also as a double vinyl LP. I managed to find the double LP on eBay and so the music featured on this website is the LP version.

Status: Recorded and processed - music preserved!

Track Lists

In the track lists below I have also given the source tape that the song was originally published on: AZ (Awake, O Zion); SC (Songs of Celebration); ST (Songs of Triumph); SV (Songs of Victory)

Majesty 1
  • Awake, Awake, O Zion! (AZ)
  • Come and praise the Living God (SV)
  • Break forth and sing for joy (SV)
  • My heart overflows (SV)
  • Glorify your name (SV)
  • Lord, give me also springs of water (SV)
  • You shall go out with joy (ST)
  • Alleluia Alleluia give thanks (SC)
  • For his name is exalted (SC)
  • Isnít he beautiful (AZ)
  • Wonderful counselor (SV)
  • I will rejoice (ST)
  • I have made a covenant (AZ)
  • We are a chosen people (AZ)
Majesty 2
  • We have come into this house (SC)
  • Seek ye the Lord (Peace like a River) (ST)
  • I stand before the presence (SV)
  • Jesus, Jesus, Jesus your love has melted my heart (ST)
  • Worthy art thou (ST)
  • For thou O Lord (ST)
  • Emmanuel (SV)
  • Jesus is Lord (SC)
  • I hear the sound of rustling (ST)
  • When I feel the touch (SC)
  • I love You lord (AZ)
  • Within the veil (ST)
  • Jesus take me as I am (SC)
  • I want to worship the Lord (ST)
  • Majesty (AZ)