Songs of Victory

- Worship from Dales Bible Week, 1980

Yet another album of definitive Charismatic worship songs - simple to sing, easy to use for worship. There's nothing involved or complex about this music; it's all heartfelt, real worship. These are the songs that defined my early Christian life and those of many of my brothers and sisters too. I was here at this Dales Bible week - it was my first - and it was before I'd learned about singing in the Spirit; I can clearly remember trying to find the words in the songbook..... You may well laugh!

Although this is the best quality recording of this tape that I can find, it's not perfect. But in some ways that actually adds to it - it's not studio quality but tapes from this era were never intended to be so anyway. Let this recording take you back to the golden age of Harvestime worship!

Status: Recorded and processed - music preserved!

Track List
  • Lord give me also
  • Father we love You
  • The greatest thing in all my life
  • I receive Your Love
  • Wonderful Counsellor
  • Jesus You are changing me
  • I love You Lord
  • Thank You Jesus
  • Break forth and sing for joy
  • Your love is to me like an ever-flowing stream
  • Emmanuel
  • My heart overflows
  • You shall go out with joy
  • You are the King of glory
  • I stand before the Presence
  • For we see Jesus
  • Come and praise the Living God