How You Can help

I am still actively looking for a few 'missing' tapes from this range, particularly:

'Majesty 1' and 'Majesty 2' (Dales compilations)
'Fulness of Joy' (Downs 1982). Ok I know it's not a Dales tape but it's still a good one! In fact any Harvestime or live worship tape from this era would be a welcome addition to the digitisation collection.

Also, I am always on the lookout for other copies of the tapes I already have, and ones I have already processed. There may well be tapes out there in a better state of preservation than the ones I already have, so if you do have any Harvestime tapes at all, then I would be pleased to 'audition' them! I am always happy to look at other copies of these tapes in order better to preserve the music in a better quality form.

I would be most grateful if anyone who has any of these tapes, or indeed any other Harvestime tapes not mentioned on this site, would kindly let me borrow them in order to digitise them for this project. Alternatively I may well offer to buy them from you if you are amenable to this; please contact me if this is the case.

It would be really helpful if anyone who has copies of missing cover images could contact me so I can complete the collection's artwork library.

If you would be interested in contributing towards the project in this way, please contact me via the contact page. In addition, I would return, with the original tape, a digital copy of your tape for you to use as you see fit. I would of course pay all postage costs and would pledge to look after your tapes extremely carefully. Thank you.

And finally, I would like to say a huge thank-you to all the excellent people who have already helped me with this site: its content, its philosophy, its goals, and with the legal issues. Your input is most appreciated and I really couldn't have done it without you all. May God richly bless you for your generosity.