Enthroned on High

Songs from the Dales & Wales Bible Weeks 1985

A studio recording of some of the songs in the eponymous Dales/Wales 1985 songbook, 'Enthroned on High'. This album contains some very nice renditions and imaginative arrangements of these lovely songs.

While not being in the same 'raw worship' vein as are the live worship albums, nevertheless this tape is a beautiful compilation with some really lovely instrumental performances and magnificent vocals with truly gorgeous harmonies. The professionalism of the musicians can indeed be heard on this tape, and also on the live tape of the actual worship at the 1985 Bible weeks, found on the tape 'Be Bold, Be Strong'. One of the hallmarks of the Harvestime/Dales worship style, of course, is that the musicians were brilliantly rehearsed and professional, while yet still maintaining their authentic, spontaneous worship style. This was a credit both to the worship of the people involved and to their leadership. This is what happens when you release people into their God-given giftings, and let them have free rein to develop and use those giftings as they feel God is prompting them.

For me, the highlight of this album is the beautiful title song, 'Enthroned on High', performed on this tape in its original key of D-flat as written by David Hadden, who also plays the keyboards and piano on the track. As with many of the high worship songs of this era, if you don't find your arms spontaneously raising when listening to this song, then you really ought to look and see if they are still attached.

Status: Recorded and processed - music preserved!

Track List
  • O magnify the Lord
  • There will never be a better time
  • The Lord has led forth
  • Praise be to You O Lord
  • How lovely is Thy dwelling place
  • You O Lord are worthy
  • Thine O Lord
  • We give You glory
  • Be bold, be strong
  • El-Shaddai
  • You are the pearl of great price
  • Your Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom
  • Enthroned on High