Be Bold, Be Strong

Live Worship from the Dales & Wales Bible Weeks, 1985

This tape is simply breathtaking, there is no other word for it. Vast, towering harmonies and instrumentals, full-on sound, full-on worship. The experience and maturity of the worship band is readily apparent due to their tight timing and harmonies, and yet still the spontaneity comes through. This is a top-grade worship experience and even now, after all these years, this kind of thing is unsurpassed in the recorded live worship genre. It doesn't get any better than this. Sheer brilliance!

Status: Recorded and processed - music preserved!

Track List
  • Thine O Lord
  • Ascribe Greatness
  • At Your feet we fall
  • You are worthy
  • Holy Holy Holy Lord
  • I hear the sound of rustling
  • Praise be to You O Lord
  • Praise to the King
  • Your Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom
  • Be Bold, be strong
  • In Him we live and move
  • I have made a covenant
  • Jesus we enthrone You
  • Salvation belongs to our God
  • I have come to give you life (Prophetic Song by Mark Williams)
  • You O Lord are worthy
  • Almighty God
  • I love You my Lord
  • Behold the Lamb of God