Proclaim Him King

Live Worship from Dales and Wales Bible Weeks, 1986

With extremely competent renditions of the songs as always, the music on this album is fresh and vibrant, from the quiet and beautiful 'Praise Him' to the upbeat 'The Lord has led forth'. 'Come Bless the Lord' is particularly brilliant, as are the lovely 'Praise You Lord', the fabulous syncopation of 'I will enter Your gates' and the spectacular 'We will break the power of Satan in this land'

On some tracks, the congregation are not as audible as they are on previous recordings, and this does slightly reduce the 'live' feel of the worship. There's no doubt that this was recorded during live worship, it's just harder to hear the 'whole picture' on some of the tracks.

But who am I to criticise? This album is great; download and enjoy!

Status: Recorded and processed - music preserved!

Track List
  • Hail to the King
  • See Him reigning victorious
  • Praise Him
  • This is holy ground
  • Magnify the Lord and sing
  • Rejoice Rejoice
  • The Lord has led forth
  • Come bless the lord
  • I will enter Your gates
  • Sing unto the Lord a new song
  • Praise You Lord
  • People of God
  • We will break the power of Satan in this land
  • I will build My Church My way