Burst into Song

A Feast of Praise and Worship - Recorded Live at a Special Praise Gathering, Christ for the Nations Institute, Dallas, 1983

Yet another exuberant praise tape from the Dallas people. Savour the wonderful Texan accent as the worship leaders read passages of scripture, and join in as they teach their congregation the song 'The Words of The Lord'. A lovely album with some lovely songs.

Bobby - who was there in the congregation when this tape was recorded - this one's for you!

Status: A clear recording has been donated to the project - Music Preserved!

Track List
  • Burst Into Song
  • I will enter His Gates
  • Alive Alive Forevermore
  • I've been delivered
  • Behold I am the Lord
  • Thanks for the Blood
  • We're a family that loves
  • Lay down my life in love
  • I will come and bow down
  • I worship You Almighty God
  • The Words of The Lord
  • Make this heart of stone
  • I will give You praise
  • Seek Ye The Lord
  • Let all those who seek Ye
  • Mighty Warrior
  • By this I know
  • Whos is God besides our Lord
  • Praise to the King
  • Here comes Jesus