A Heart Full of Song - Worship from Restoration 92 Bible Convention, 1992

This tape isn't strictly a Dales tape, but it's from the same stable as the rest of the tapes on this site. Recorded live at the Restoration '92 Bible Convention, it has good production values in that it is mastered very nicely and the sound is captured very well indeed.

This tape is pretty well masterful, with superb choral and instrumental arrangements. If you were there at this Bible convention, then I do hope that this tape helps you revisit the worship that you took part in there! Of course, it's not like we actually 'record' the Holy Spirit on tape, but the music does stir up our own spirit inside us to worship. Check out my blog articles here and here for more on this.

The tape has several highlights. It's lovely to hear once again Chris Bowater's simple 'Just the Mention', and the lovely declarations in 'My God, My God' are presented in a sweet musical setting. 'How Great is Your Love' is also lovely. You can probably tell from these comments that I prefer slower, more intimate worship songs to those with a 'beat' - although, believe me, I can rock to heavy metal tracks from Rainbow and Led Zeppelin with the best of them!

Anyway, download the tracks and enjoy them. Be blessed!

Status: Recorded and processed - music preserved!

Track List
  • Happy are the People
  • Praise Ye the Lord
  • How good it is
  • No eye has seen
  • My Lord, what Love is this? (Amazing Love)
  • Great is Your Love
  • My God, My God
  • We've felt the Breeze
  • All People that on Earth do dwell
  • Do you hear the sound of marching feet?
  • Shout! Come on, Rejoice!
  • O the beauty of Your Holy Place (I Love to Love You)
  • Just the mention of Your Name
  • I surrender All
  • Our God is Lifted Up
  • Happy are the People (Reprise)